“Entrepreneurship in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)” 3-week intensive

Event: 3-week project-based intensive course about entrepreneurship
Role: Lead teacher, “STEM Entrepreneurship”
Client: Boston Leadership Institute, Boston, MA, USA
Audience: High school students
July 2019 (15 participants)
July 2018 (9 participants)
July 2016 (19 participants)


The goal of this summer course was to get high school students excited and equipped to start a company in the sectors of science, technology, engineering, or math. The course introduced high school students to the fundamental tools and processes used to start an enterprise in an interactive high-density format. Students collaboratively chose projects, built prototypes, conducted field activities, constantly gave and received project feedback, and ultimately pitched their ideas to their classmates and in two professional networking gatherings.

Content Outline

  • Whose problem are you solving? Identifying a user problem and market opportunity
  • What does your product promise? Defining your product, Value proposition
  • How does this make money? Revenue and expense models, Modeling market forces
  • How do you scale well? Business structures and financing options
  • How do you market your product? Salesmanship, Pitching and presenting well
  • How do you protect your ideas? Intellectual property