Benji specializes in unlocking organizational growth and designing interactive learning experiences.

Benji is a process consultant who borrows tools from a wide range of sources: design thinking, hands-on learning, international business, engineering, and contemplative listening practices. His projects have been based in a variety of sectors: water and sanitation (WASH), governance, participatory community development, and network building.

Organizational growth

Benji researches, plans, and implements intuitive infrastructure systems and tools for small organizations. Benji’s business and engineering background makes him the ideal candidate to research, plan, and implement that organizational infrastructure project you have just not been able to get a handle on.

Start-up needs
  • establish project management structure
  • write and implement a communications strategy
  • create a digital identity (interactive website, logo, social media)
  • design intuitive data tracking and filing systems
Growth needs
  • facilitate, formalize, and implement strategic planning processes
  • create documentation systems
  • galvanize project management
  • research nonprofit regulations

Interactive learning

Benji has designed and facilitated conferences (20+ people), small group workshops (8-20 people), and 1-on-1 meetings. He focuses on creating immersive experiences where people learn things about their community, an intimidating subject, or about themselves.

Benji has conducted workshops and conferences around the world:
Boston, United States | Manila, Philippines | Khartoum, Sudan | Santa Ana, El Salvador | Trujillo, Honduras | Oaxaca City, Mexico | Nairobi, Kenya