To grow and sustain healthy collaborative ecosystems that invest in local communities.

The Cardumen Collective is a diverse gathering of Christian freelancers who collaborate and commune by sharing experiences, opportunities, and tools.

Cardumen is Spanish for “a group of fish swimming in the same direction.” We celebrate the individual focus of freelancers, while holding the belief that there is great value in the exchange of tools, advice, and camaraderie across diverse sectors and fields.

The Cardumen Collective holds regular meetings to share:

  • practical tools and experiences
  • personal wins and losses
  • job opportunities
  • personal networks

Cardumen Consulting takes on part-time contracts at small, resource-constrained organizations in order to unlock the potential of unexplored innovative programming.

Pooling many small projects into Cardumen’s portfolio of projects enables small organizations to explore innovative programming with little financial and human resource investment, while simultaneously providing

Small organizations are some of the most effective, in-touch organizations investing in the development of a community. But when these impact-focused organizations have new innovative ideas, they have nowhere to go:
— staff are overwhelmed, with no bandwidth to take on new tasks
— hiring a full-time person is not financially viable
— a part-time position at a small or nonprofit organization is not appealing to qualified candidates