2-week conference: Participatory Methods

Event: 2-week residential program about design and collaboration
Role: Curriculum consultant and Design facilitator, “Creating Creative Communities in Oaxaca”
Client: MIT D-Lab and MIT Enterprise Forum, Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico
Audience: 23 leaders in NGO, Government, and Social entrepreneurship
Dates: December 2017


This conference gathered 23 participants, representing active social and entrepreneurial organizations that are profoundly committed to the economic development of marginalized communities in Oaxaca. The gathering successfully achieved its goals to 1) introduce participants to a design-thinking process for participatory development and 2) spark real, long-term, collaborative relationships between participants.

Sample activities

  • Hands-on introduction to the Design Process: Framing the problem, Generating ideas, Rapid prototyping
  • Peer consultations: Situation, Complication, Question
  • Mapping our ecosystem