These principles change dull content into engaging, actionable, interactive learning.

Use words that everyone can understand

Everyone has ideas that are worth sharing. Everyone has something to learn. Cardumen workshops welcome anyone to learn and share, no matter how long they were in school or what jobs they have had before.

Use our minds and hands to learn

Our minds help us understand the theory of something, and our hands put that theory to work. We learn to cook by reading cookbooks, then practicing in the kitchen. We learn to drive by watching others, then trying it out on the road. We learn to solve problems by breaking it down in our minds, then trying out different ideas. Challenges in our community need us to work with our minds and hands: think hard about the complexities, then prove which ideas can work in our local context.

Build empathy between a wide range of people

Even if a lot of people agree that something is an important topic, they don’t always agree on the best way to solve the problem or most interesting part of the solution. Learning together and working on projects together breaks down common silos and helps people see each other as collaborators.

Deal with relevant topics, and don’t over-simplify them

We all like talking about things that matter to us and our local community, so let’s work on those issues! These relevant topics are often complex because our community has a unique story of relationships, markets, natural resources, and history. If we are going to deal with real issues, we should deal with them fully and not be afraid of complexity.