Cardumen consulting builds up mission-driven leaders and organizations

Grow out of start-up mode.

"But how? There are a million things on my to-do list and it's 8am."

Pssst. You're doing it all.

High level strategy
Managing staff
Project management

"Yea and it's just me wearing all those hats... How am I supposed to lead well when I have to worry about all this?"

You're an architect
with a big vision for impact.

Get a structural engineer
to build to the next level.

Benji provides right-sized consulting that gets (and keeps) growing organizations running smoothly.

360-degree approach

Strategy. Operations. Research. Project management.

1-1 with Executives

Weekly birds-eye sessions to focus and prioritize.

Bite-sized pricing

Pricing built around the needs of a growing organization.

Chaos is tiring.

Lighten your load.

Let's prioritize, systematize your work, and implement some high-impact projects.