“Hands-on Introduction to Solar Technology” for teens

Event: 1-hour hands-on introduction to solar technology (4x)
Role: Workshop creator and Lead trainer, “Solar tech workshop”
Clients: Resonant Energy, Codman Academy, Epiphany School, and Second Church, all located in Dorchester, MA, USA
Audience: 8-20 high school students per session
Dates: Four sessions spread throughout spring 2018


These short after-school sessions were hands-on introductions to how solar technology works. The goal was to make solar technology less mysterious, more accessible, and intriguing as a potential career.

Content outline

  • What are electric voltage, current, and power?
  • Guessing game: How much electricity does it take?
  • Generating power: What are the differences between coal, natural gas and solar power sources?
  • Everyone’s favorite: Melting metal to solder solar cells together
  • Measuring solar power