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Young professionals Visioning Day

Event: 3-hour personal visioning and goal-setting
Role: Workshop creator and facilitator, “Visioning Day”
Client/Audience: Young professionals, Cambridge, MA, USA
March 2018 (4 participants)
December 2017 (2 participants)
April 2017 (2 participants)


The “”Visioning Day”” is a time for young professionals to tell their personal story to each other in a fun, safe, relaxed home environment. In the process of sharing their story, people can hear more clearly what makes their set of values, experiences, and goals unique to just them. This clarity leads directly to the goal of this workshop: a personalized framework of values and criteria to be used in goal-setting (short-term) and vision casting (long-term) that integrates a person’s personal and professional needs.

Content Outline

  • Settle in: Slow reading of scripture, Personal reflection questions
  • Past: Each person takes time to write, draw, describe the different eras of their past. Group reflects back important patterns of feelings, underlying values, and driving goals they notice.
  • Present: Each person describes concrete things they like in their life right now. Group asks question to understand their reasons and motivations.
  • Future: 5-year Odyssey plans
  • Close: Time in prayer together